In the battle between Bertello Pizza Oven and Ooni, both offer well-built and portable options. However, Ooni stands out with its range of pizza oven designs and fuel options, while Bertello boasts the flexibility of cooking with both gas and wood.

Design And Build Quality

When it comes to choosing a pizza oven for your outdoor cooking needs, the design and build quality of the oven are key factors to consider. Both the Bertello Pizza Oven and the Ooni Pizza Oven are well-known brands in the market that offer high-quality and durable products. Let’s take a closer look at the design and build quality of each brand.

Bertello Pizza Oven’s Design And Build Quality

The Bertello Pizza Oven boasts a sleek and compact design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Its construction from durable stainless steel material guarantees longevity and strength. The oven features a sturdy construction that ensures stability during cooking, allowing you to enjoy your pizza-making experience without any worries.

In terms of build quality, the Bertello Pizza Oven is built to last. Its design pays meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing that every component is of high quality and meets the highest standards. The oven is crafted with precision, using premium materials that can withstand high temperatures and repeated use.

Moreover, the Bertello Pizza Oven is highly portable. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to transport and store. Whether you are planning a backyard gathering or a camping trip, you can take the Bertello Pizza Oven with you and enjoy delicious pizzas wherever you go.

Ooni Pizza Oven’s Design And Build Quality

The Ooni Pizza Oven offers a range of designs, each of which is meticulously engineered to provide the best pizza-making experience. From the Ooni Koda to the Ooni Pro, you can find an oven that suits your specific needs and preferences.

Similar to the Bertello Pizza Oven, the Ooni Pizza Oven is constructed with high-quality stainless steel that ensures durability and heat resistance. The oven’s construction can endure high temperatures, enabling you to cook pizzas at the ideal temperature for that authentic wood-fired flavor.

In terms of design, the Ooni Pizza Oven features a sleek and modern look that will complement any outdoor setting. Its innovative design elements, such as the chimney system and adjustable flame control, allow for precise heat management and even cooking.

When it comes to portability, the Ooni Pizza Oven also excels. Its design prioritizes lightweight and compactness, ensuring ease of transportation and storage. Whether you are taking it to a friend’s house or on a camping trip, the Ooni Pizza Oven is a convenient companion for pizza lovers on the go.

Both the Bertello Pizza Oven and the Ooni Pizza Oven offer impressive design and build quality. The Bertello Pizza Oven’s compact and functional design, combined with its durable construction, make it a reliable choice for pizza enthusiasts. On the other hand, the Ooni Pizza Oven’s range of designs and innovative features provide versatility and precise heat management. Ultimately, the choice between the two brands will depend on your specific cooking needs and preferences.

Bertello Pizza Oven Vs Ooni: A Head-to-Head Comparison for Pizza Perfection


Portability And Ease Of Use

The Bertello Pizza Oven and Ooni both offer excellent portability and ease of use, making them great options for outdoor pizza cooking. While Ooni has more models and fuel options, Bertello offers dual cooking methods with gas and wood. Both brands are well-built and deliver delicious results.

Bertello Pizza Oven’s Portability

When it comes to portability, the Bertello Pizza Oven stands out as an excellent option for pizza enthusiasts on the go. This outdoor pizza oven prioritizes convenience in its design, ensuring it’s easy to transport and use wherever you desire.

The Bertello Pizza Oven is lightweight and compact, allowing you to effortlessly bring it along to camping trips, picnics, or even to a friend’s backyard gathering. Its portable size makes it a breeze to load into your car or store away when not in use.

Additionally, the Bertello Pizza Oven features foldable legs that make setup and takedown a quick and hassle-free process. Whether you’re setting it up on a countertop or a picnic table, you can easily adjust the legs to ensure stability and an optimal cooking height.

With its convenient portability, the Bertello Pizza Oven allows you to enjoy delicious homemade pizzas anywhere you desire.

Ooni Pizza Oven’s Portability

In terms of portability, the Ooni Pizza Oven also offers a fantastic solution for pizza lovers who prioritize mobility. With various models to choose from, Ooni provides a range of options to suit different needs and preferences.

The Ooni Pizza Oven lineup includes lightweight and portable ovens that are perfect for outdoor adventures. Whether you choose the Ooni Koda, Ooni Pro, or any other model, you can expect a compact design that allows easy transportation to your desired location.

Similar to the Bertello Pizza Oven, the Ooni Pizza Oven features legs that are foldable for convenient storage and transportation. This allows you to take the Ooni Pizza Oven to tailgates, camping trips, or even to your neighbors’ backyard for a pizza party.

When it comes to portability, both the Bertello Pizza Oven and the Ooni Pizza Oven offer excellent options that enable you to enjoy delicious homemade pizza wherever your adventures take you.

Fuel Sources And Versatility

The Bertello Pizza Oven earns its reputation for versatility in fuel sources, offering users choices that match their preferences and cooking requirements. This pizza oven is designed to utilize both wood and gas as fuel sources, allowing you to enjoy the authenticity and flavor of a traditional wood-fired pizza or the convenience and control of a gas-powered oven. Whether you prefer the classic smoky taste of wood-fired cooking or the quick heat-up time and consistent temperatures of gas, the Bertello Pizza Oven has you covered.

When it comes to fuel sources, the Ooni Pizza Oven offers a range of options across different models. Their lineup includes gas-powered ovens, wood-fired ovens, and even hybrid models that allow you to switch between the two. This versatility allows you to experiment with different cooking styles and techniques, giving you the freedom to create a variety of delicious pizzas. Whether you’re a purist who loves the smoky flavor of wood-fired pizzas or someone who values the convenience and control of gas-powered cooking, Ooni has a model that will suit your needs.

Pizza Sizes And Cooking Performance

When comparing the Bertello Pizza Oven to the Ooni Pizza Oven, one key factor to consider is the pizza sizes and cooking performance. While Ooni offers a wider range of pizza oven models with different fuel options, Bertello excels in flexibility and is the only one capable of cooking simultaneously with gas and wood.

Both brands offer well-built and portable pizza ovens, providing options for pizza lovers of all preferences.

Bertello Pizza Oven’s Pizza Sizes And Cooking Performance

The Bertello Pizza Oven offers a versatile range of pizza sizes and delivers exceptional cooking performance. Whether you’re craving a personal-sized pizza or planning a party with friends and family, the Bertello Pizza Oven covers all your needs.

Pizza SizeCooking Performance
Personal-SizedThe Bertello Pizza Oven cooks personal-sized pizzas perfectly, ensuring a crispy crust and melted cheese with each bite. Its high heat retention capability and uniform heat distribution guarantee even cooking, resulting in delicious pizzas every time.
Medium-SizedLooking to serve a medium-sized pizza? The Bertello Pizza Oven can handle it effortlessly. Its spacious cooking area accommodates medium-sized pizzas, allowing you to create pizza masterpieces that are cooked to perfection, with a golden crust and bubbling toppings.
Large-SizedPlanning a gathering or a pizza party? The Bertello Pizza Oven can handle large-sized pizzas with ease. Its generous cooking space ensures that you can cook pizzas large enough to satisfy a hungry crowd. The result? Mouthwatering pizzas with a crispy base and delightful flavors.

In addition to its pizza sizes, the Bertello Pizza Oven delivers excellent cooking performance. Its high-quality construction and efficient design allow it to reach high temperatures quickly, creating the perfect cooking environment for the ultimate pizza experience. The oven’s heat-retention capability ensures consistent and even cooking, delivering perfectly cooked pizzas every time.

Ooni Pizza Oven’s Pizza Sizes And Cooking Performance

The Ooni Pizza Oven lineup offers a range of pizza sizes to suit everyone’s preferences, along with exceptional cooking performance. Whether you prefer a personal-sized pizza or want to feed a crowd, Ooni has the perfect pizza oven for you.

Pizza SizeCooking Performance
Personal-SizedOoni’s personal-sized pizza ovens are designed to cook individual pizzas to perfection. With their powerful heating elements and innovative airflow systems, these ovens ensure crispy crusts, evenly melted cheese, and toppings that are cooked to perfection.
Medium-SizedLooking for a pizza oven that can handle medium-sized pizzas? Ooni has got you covered. Their medium-sized pizza ovens provide ample cooking space, allowing you to create pizzas with a medium-sized crust that are cooked to perfection, delivering delicious flavors with every bite.
Large-SizedPlanning a large gathering or a pizza party? Ooni’s large-sized pizza ovens are perfect for the job. These ovens have spacious cooking areas that can accommodate large-sized pizzas, ensuring that each slice is bursting with flavor from a crispy base to perfectly cooked toppings.

Regarding cooking performance, Ooni pizza ovens have a reputation for their incredible heat retention and efficient heat distribution. These ovens reach high temperatures quickly, allowing you to cook pizzas in just a matter of minutes. The result yields pizzas with perfectly charred crusts, evenly melted cheese, and flavors that surpass all others. Ooni pizza ovens, designed for unparalleled cooking performance, guarantee each pizza you make becomes a masterpiece.

With both Bertello and Ooni pizza ovens, you can enjoy a wide range of pizza sizes and exceptional cooking performance. Whether you opt for the Bertello Pizza Oven or the Ooni Pizza Oven, you can trust that you’ll make pizzas cooked to perfection, delighting everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions On Bertello Pizza Oven Vs Ooni

What Happened To Bertello Pizza Oven After Shark Tank?

Bertello pizza oven continues to thrive in the market after Shark Tank, offering dual cooking methods with gas and wood. They are known for their unique capability to cook simultaneously with both fuel sources. The brand is still in business and doing well in the niche market of outdoor pizza ovens.

Why Did Ooni Change Its Name?

Ooni changed its name from Uuni because as a global brand, the pronunciation of “Uuni” varied around the world. To ensure consistency, we changed the name to ‘Ooni,’ which represents the phonetic spelling.

Can You Use Pellets In A Bertello Pizza Oven?

Yes, you can use pellets in a Bertello pizza oven.


Both the Bertello and Ooni pizza ovens offer excellent build quality and portability. Ooni stands out with its range of fuel options and pizza oven designs, while Bertello excels in flexibility with its dual cooking methods. Both brands have their unique strengths and it ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific needs.

Whether you choose the Bertello or Ooni, you can expect a high-quality pizza oven that will elevate your outdoor cooking experience.

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