Table 87 Frozen Pizza has an estimated net worth of several million dollars. The company has seen significant growth since appearing on Shark Tank.

Table 87, known as “The Home of The Coal Oven Slice,” emerged into the frozen pizza market with a unique proposition. Offering coal oven pizzas that can be reheated in minutes, this Brooklyn-based pizzeria quickly made a name for itself among frozen food enthusiasts.

Founded by Thomas Cucco, Table 87 began as a single restaurant and expanded into a frozen pizza empire, capturing attention on the hit show “Shark Tank. ” Thomas’s appearance on the program not only increased the brand’s visibility but also led to strategic partnerships, driving up the company’s valuation and consumer demand. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and maintaining the authentic taste of coal-fired pizza sets them apart in a crowded market of frozen food options. Fans of gourmet pizza now regularly seek out Table 87 for a quick, delicious meal that doesn’t sacrifice quality for convenience.

Introduction To Table 87 And Its Frozen Pizza Revolution

Table 87 has taken the frozen pizza industry by storm, creating a delectable balance between authenticity and convenience. Originating from Brooklyn, New York, the brand has redefined what it means to enjoy gourmet pizza from the comfort of one’s home. Each pie promises the allure of a brick oven pizzeria experience without ever having to leave the kitchen.

The Birth Of Table 87: From Pizzeria To Frozen Pizza Fame

Brooklyn’s Table 87 began its journey as a humble neighborhood pizzeria, quickly gaining notoriety for its coal-fired slices – a rarity in the world of by-the-slice pizza. The founder, Thomas Cucco, identified a market for high-quality, ready-made pizza and channeled his passion into a frozen product that captured the essence of a freshly made pie.

Seeing the gap in the market for a premium, ready-to-bake slice, Table 87 began shipping its signature pies nationwide, propelling the brand from a local gem to a frozen pizza powerhouse. Their innovative approach? Flash-freezing their pizzas right after being cooked in a 900-degree coal oven, ensuring that each pie retained the taste and quality of a pizza straight out of a Brooklyn pizzeria.

Understanding The Appeal: Why Table 87 Stands Out In The Frozen Aisle

Table 87’s ascent in the frozen sector isn’t by chance. This is a brand that prides itself on quality and authenticity. Unlike other frozen pizzas, Table 87’s pies lack the artificial aftertaste and doughy foundations that are all too common in the frozen aisle.

Some key elements that elevate Table 87 include:

  • Authentic Ingredients: Each pizza boasts mozzarella hand-made in Brooklyn, specialty tomatoes, and a host of fresh, gourmet toppings.
  • Coal-Fired Crust: Their distinctive crust comes from being cooked in a coal-fired oven, offering a smoky flavor and a perfect char.
  • Convenience: Ready in minutes, these frozen delights offer a gourmet experience that belies their ‘straight from the freezer’ origins.
  • Recognition: Gaining the spotlight on “Shark Tank”, the brand has transcended its local roots to define a new standard in frozen pizza quality.

The net worth of Table 87 has climbed as consumers embrace this gourmet shift in the frozen pizza arena, with sales reflecting the growing trend for premium at-home dining options. Their success hints at a broader revolution where frozen food can mean premium quality without compromising on the flavors food enthusiasts love.

Table 87 Frozen Pizza Net Worth Slice of Success

Financial Journey Of Table 87’s Frozen Pizza

The financial journey of Table 87’s Frozen Pizza is a tale of entrepreneurial grit and gourmet innovation. From humble beginnings to securing a coveted deal on “Shark Tank,” and evolving into a frozen pizza empire, the brand’s value continues to rise, captivating pizza enthusiasts and investors alike.

Early Growth: Sales Figures And Market Expansion

Table 87 began as a single pizzeria in Brooklyn, serving authentic coal oven pizza. Recognizing an opportunity, they ventured into the frozen pizza market, filling a niche for high-quality, ready-to-bake pies. Their entry transformed into accelerated financial growth. Initial sales figures indicate a positive trend, with an expanding customer base embracing the authentic taste of Brooklyn from home.

  • Year-over-year sales growth: Consistently significant increase in revenue
  • Market expansion: From local retailers to nationwide distribution
  • Product line diversity: Introduction of multiple flavors and sizes

Shark Tank Boost: Impact Of The Investment On Net Worth

The appearance of Table 87 on ABC’s Shark Tank marked a pivotal moment in their financial narrative. Securing a $200,000 investment from “Shark” Lori Greiner, the company catapulted its net worth, optimized production, and amplified marketing strategies.

Post-Shark Tank, Table 87 witnessed:

  • Increased investor confidence: Attracting further interest and capital
  • The surge in sales: Thanks to the Shark Tank effect and expanded visibility
  • Strategic partnerships: Leveraging the investor’s network for growth

Factors Contributing To Table 87’s Success

Frozen pizza has become a staple in households across the globe, but not all frozen slices are created equal. Table 87 burst onto the scene, quickly distinguishing itself from the pack. With a soaring net worth, this Brooklyn pizzeria has unmistakably deciphered the formula for triumph in the frozen food sector. Let’s dive into the key factors that have propelled Table 87 to such great heights.

Quality Ingredients: The Recipe For A Superior Frozen Pizza

Table 87’s commitment to quality is evident in every pizza they bake. They know that a superior frozen pizza starts with premium ingredients:

  • Authenticity: True to its Brooklyn roots, the pizza features a thin, coal-fired crust reminiscent of classic New York pizzerias.
  • Top-Quality Cheese: Each pie is adorned with rich, flavorful cheese that melts to perfection.
  • Fresh Produce: Crisp vegetables and savory toppings, sourced locally whenever possible, ensure a burst of freshness in every bite.
  • Hearty Sauce: The signature tomato sauce, simmered to a robust finish, ties all the elements together for an impeccable flavor profile.

Table 87’s dedication to high-caliber, non-GMO ingredients satisfies taste buds and distinguishes it in the frozen pizza market.

Innovative Marketing: How Table 87 Reached Its Audience

Table 87’s journey to success isn’t solely about product content but also about effective communication of its message.

  1. Shark Tank Spotlight: A compelling pitch on the hit show ‘Shark Tank’ garnered national attention and fueled brand awareness.
  2. Social Media Savvy: Through engaging content and interactive campaigns, they’ve built a loyal community of pizza enthusiasts.
  3. User-Generated Content: Encouraging customers to share their pizza experiences online has led to a trove of authentic testimonials and reviews.
  4. Collaborative Promotions: Partnerships with influencers and local events have brought the brand directly to the public in creative ways.

These strategies have created a buzz that resonates with a wide audience, solidifying Table 87’s position as a household name.

Retail And Online Presence: A Dual Approach To Sales

Understanding that convenience is king, Table 87 has mastered a dual approach to bring their frozen pizzas to the masses:

  1. Grocery Store Distribution: They have strategically placed their pizzas in major grocery chains, ensuring their products are easily accessible to customers nationwide.
  2. E-commerce Growth: An intuitive online shopping experience allows pizza lovers to have their favorite slices delivered right to their doorstep.

Combining in-store access with a strong online presence, Table 87 has fostered continuous growth and increased its loyal customer base.

Table 87’s impressive ascent in the frozen pizza industry is a blend of uncompromising quality, strategic marketing, and savvy sales tactics. With each slice delivering on the promise of Brooklyn authenticity, it’s no wonder their net worth has soared, earning them a top spot in the hearts and freezers of pizza aficionados everywhere.

The Future Of Table 87 And The Frozen Pizza Industry

Welcome to the sizzling world of Table 87 Frozen Pizza—a brand that has captured the hearts of pizza aficionados and busy families alike. As we look toward the horizon, the future of Table 87 and the entire frozen pizza industry promises a delectable blend of innovation, growth, and intense competition. With consumer appetite for convenience and quality at an all-time high, here’s how Table 87 is poised to satisfy those cravings and cement its slice of the market pie.

Expansion Plans: Scaling Up And New Market Strategies

Table 87 is not just resting on its laurels. The company’s strategic plan aims for ambitious expansion, focusing on increasing production and entering new market segments for growth. With an eye on both domestic and international opportunities, Table 87 is crafting a blueprint to widen its distribution channels and launch in markets that have yet to experience their coal oven pizza magic.

  • Increased Production Facilities: To meet the rising demand, the company plans to enlarge its manufacturing footprint, potentially doubling output capacity.
  • Diversification: New flavors and dietary options, such as gluten-free and vegan pizzas, are in development to entice a broader audience.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: Aligning with like-minded brands and retailers can provide new platforms for customer engagement and sales growth.

Competitive Landscape: Staying Ahead In The Frozen Pizza Race

In the tantalizing tussle of the frozen pizza aisle, standing out is key. Table 87 has consistently shown tenacity by differentiating its offerings with authentic coal-fired taste and premium ingredients. To stay ahead, they will continue to invest in:

  • Innovative Marketing Tactics: Utilizing social media influence and data-driven advertising to reach their target audience effectively.
  • Product Quality: Upholding their reputation for high-quality, authentic pizzas that keep customers returning for more.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining processes to optimize cost-efficiency without compromising on their pizza’s artisanal value.

Predictions: The Potential Net Worth In The Upcoming Years

As for the golden question—what is the potential net worth of Table 87 Frozen Pizza in the years to come? While exact figures are speculative, indicators point toward a rising trajectory. Factors including increased market share, brand recognition, and successful execution of expansion plans play significant roles. Analysts are forecasting:

  1. Steady Revenue Growth: With strong sales momentum and expansion in play, revenue is expected to climb annually.
  2. Higher Profits: Enhanced efficiencies and product line scalability can maximize profit margins over time.
  3. Evaluation and Investment Interest: The potential for strategic investments or acquisition interest could significantly elevate the company’s net worth.

Encapsulating these factors, a conservative estimate suggests that Table 87 could witness a substantial increase in net worth, potentially in the tens or even hundreds of millions, depending on how the market conditions and consumer trends evolve.

Conclusion: The Lasting Impact Of Table 87 On The Food Industry

Table 87 Frozen Pizza has carved its name in the annals of the food industry, changing the game with its authentic coal oven pizza that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Their journey has not only been a palate-pleasing saga but also a tale of ingenuity and business acumen. In this final part of our discussion, we delve into the overarching influence Table 87 has had on the industry and the lessons it imparts to food enthusiasts everywhere.

The Legacy Of Table 87: Redefining Frozen Pizza

The inception of Table 87 marked a turning point for frozen pizza. The brand has redefined the frozen food aisle by delivering a gourmet product that captures the true taste of Brooklyn. Their attention to detail, from sourcing high-quality ingredients to the meticulous preparation process, shows in every slice. It’s not just a frozen pizza; it’s an authentic culinary experience, setting a new industry standard.

Table 87’s impact goes beyond taste; it has influenced consumer expectations and forced competitors to elevate their offerings. Hence, the freezer section in grocery stores has evolved into a quality battleground, where only the finest, best-tasting products thrive.

Key Takeaways For Aspiring Food Entrepreneurs

  • Authenticity is King: Focus on delivering an experience that’s true to your brand’s roots.
  • Quality Differentiates: Elevate the standard by being uncompromising about the quality of your product.
  • Innovation Drives Success: Stay ahead by introducing novel concepts that set you apart from the competition.
  • Consumer Habits Can Be Changed: Educate your audience on why your product is superior and watch habits shift in your favor.

Table 87’s success demonstrates that new brands can make a substantial impact in established markets through vision, excellence, and innovation. Aspiring food entrepreneurs can look to Table 87 as a beacon of inspiration, understanding that success in the food industry is achievable with the right mix of passion, quality, and innovative thinking.

Table 87 Frozen Pizza Net Worth: Slice of Success!


Table 87 Frozen Pizza Net Worth: Slice of Success!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Table 87 Frozen Pizza Net Worth

What Is Table 87 Frozen Pizza’s Current Net Worth?

Table 87 Frozen Pizza has not publicly disclosed its exact current net worth. However, the company has seen significant growth since appearing on Shark Tank, suggesting a notable increase in valuation.

How Did Table 87 Start In The Frozen Pizza Business?

Table 87 began as a pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY, and expanded into the frozen pizza market to provide a taste of authentic coal oven pizza to customers nationwide, distinguishable through their unique single-slice packaging.

Has Table 87 Appeared On Any Investment Shows?

Yes, Table 87 successfully pitched on Shark Tank in 2015, securing an investment that helped boost the brand’s presence in the frozen food industry and across various retail platforms.

What Makes Table 87 Frozen Pizza Unique?

Table 87 Frozen Pizza stands out by being the first company to offer coal oven pizza by the slice, frozen for convenience without compromising on the artisanal, authentic Brooklyn pizza experience.


To wrap up, Table 87’s journey in the frozen pizza market is impressive. Their growth reflects a clear demand for convenient, gourmet options at home. Understanding this brand’s value offers insight into consumer trends and market potential. For pizza aficionados and savvy investors alike, Table 87 is one to watch.

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