How Much is the Buffet at Cici’s Pizza: The BuffetBuffet at CiCi’s Pizza typically costs between $5 to $8. Prices can vary based on location and local promotions.

CiCi’s Pizza offers a diverse array of flavorful pizzas, pasta, salads, and desserts in their all-you-can-eat BuffetBuffet. Renowned for its value and variety, CiCi’s has carved out a niche for families and groups seeking a casual dining experience without breaking the bank.

The exact price of the BuffetBuffet may fluctuate according to the time of day or week, special offers, and geographical differences. Come hungry and ready to indulge in their endless pizza offerings—from classic pepperoni to adventurous flavors and custom-made pizzas right out of the oven. CiCi’s is designed to satisfy diverse tastes and appetites. Remember, your local CiCi’s might offer specific discounts or deals, so checking with your nearest location can lead to extra savings.

How Much is the Buffet at Cici's Pizza: Feast on a Budget!


Cici’s Pizza Buffet: A Wallet-friendly Dining Experience

Cici’s Pizza Buffet is the go-to spot for pizza lovers.

This is where quality meets affordability.

Enjoy endless Pizza, pasta, salad, and dessert without breaking the bank.

Affordable Eats For Everyone

Cici’s is perfect for families, students, and groups.

The buffet price starts unbelievably low!

  • Unlimited pizza slices
  • Heaping pasta bowls
  • Fresh salad options
  • Decadent desserts

Kids get a special discount.

Seniors enjoy lower prices, too.

A Tradition Of Value

Over the years, Cici’s Pizza has become synonymous with value.

They offer a tasty buffet that won’t shrink your wallet.

Adult BuffetKid’s BuffetBuffet (ages 4-10)Senior BuffetBuffet (ages 60+)

Current Costs For The Cici’s Buffet

Cici’s Pizza offers a dining experience with variety and value that’s hard to beat. Family-friendly and budget-friendly, the BuffetBuffet at Cici’s Pizza places a plethora of Pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts at your fingertips. Let’s dive into the latest pricing details for both adults and kids, ensuring your next visit to Cici’s Buffet is as delicious as it is affordable!

Adult Buffet Pricing

For pizza enthusiasts and those with a hearty appetite, the Adult Buffet at Cici’s comes loaded with options. The following table presents the most up-to-date costs for adults:

Time of DayBuffet Price
Lunch (11 am – 4 pm)$5.99
Dinner (4 pm-close)$6.99

Prices can vary by location. Drinks are usually extra. It’s best to check with your local Cici’s for the most accurate pricing.

Children’s Buffet Deals

Kids’ meals come at unbeatable prices, making Cici’s an ideal spot for family outings. Check the cost for children’s BuffetBuffet below:

  • Children aged 3 and under are Free with adult purchase
  • Ages 4-10: Discounted price, often around $3.99

Prices are subject to change and may differ by location. Birthday specials and group discounts may apply. Remember to contact your local Cici’s for exact figures.

Remember the fun of unlimited Pizza and good times await you and your family at Cici’s Pizza Buffet!

Comparing Price To Value

When you walk into Cici’s Pizza, the aroma of freshly baked Pizza hits you, promising a mouthwatering experience. But does the Buffet’sBuffet’s cost deliver on both quantity and quality? Let’s dive into the specifics and see how much bang you get for your buck at Cici’s all-you-can-eat pizza buffet.

All-you-can-eat Model

Cici’s Pizza stands out with its unlimited dining option. Priced affordably, customers enjoy a variety of Pizza, pasta, salads, and desserts. What makes this deal even sweeter is the freedom to try different flavours without worrying about the bill.

  • Pay once, eat as much as you like
  • Perfect for families and large groups
  • Explore a wide range of flavors

Quality At Low Price Points

At Cici’s, the focus isn’t just on quantity. Attention to quality ensures that each slice meets a standard that defies the Buffet’sBuffet’s low price point. Fresh ingredients and a frequently replenished buffet counter mean you’re getting value with each plate.

Ingredient QualityVariety OfferedPrice versus Value
Fresh toppings, daily doughExtensive pizza selectionsMore for less, satisfaction guaranteed

The BuffetBuffet at Cici’s offers a dining experience that speaks to the heart of value-conscious pizza lovers. It’s a delightful adventure for your taste buds without putting a dent in your wallet.

How Much is the Buffet at Cici's Pizza: Feast on a Budget!


Promotions And Discounts

Are you craving unlimited Pizza on a budget? CiCi’s Pizza offers a variety of promotions and discounts to ensure you can enjoy your BuffetBuffet without breaking the bank. From seasonal specials to coupon savings, here’s how you can get more Pizza for less!

Seasonal Specials

CiCi’s Pizza spices things up with seasonal specials. These deals change throughout the year, aligning with holidays or seasons. Make sure to keep an eye out for limited-time offers that could include discounted buffet prices or special menu items.

  • Spring Fling Deals
  • Summer Savings
  • Fall Feasts
  • Winter Warmers

Coupon Clips And Savings

Intelligent savers know the value of a good coupon. CiCi’s welcomes the use of coupons to slash buffet prices even further. Look for coupon codes online, in local newspapers, or sign up for CiCi’s email list to get the latest deals sent directly to your inbox.

SourceType of DiscountHow to Redeem
Email Sign-upExclusive OffersCheck Inbox
NewspaperPrint CouponsBring to Store
Online CodesInstant SavingsEnter at Checkout

Menu Highlights

Welcome to the delectable world of CiCi’s Pizza! Delight in an endless assortment of mouthwatering dishes at an unbeatable price. Below, uncover the favorites that leave guests coming back for seconds.

Signature Pizzas

CiCi’s Pizza stands out with its array of signature pizzas. Bold flavors define each handcrafted Pizza.

Fresh Salad Bar Options

Healthy eaters love the fresh salad bar options at CiCi’s. It’s perfect for balancing your plate.

Salad ComponentChoices
LettucesRomaine, Iceberg, and Spinach
ToppingsCucumbers, Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, and More
CheesesCheddar, Mozzarella, and Parmesan
DressingsRange from Ranch to Italian and Light Options

Remember the array of dressings! Each choice adds a personal touch to your greens.

Customization At No Extra Cost

When you walk into Cici’s Pizza, the aroma of freshly baked dough and melting cheese greets you. But what really sets Cici’s apart is their Customization at No Extra Cost. At Cici’s BuffetBuffet, every pizza lover gets precisely what they crave without worrying about the price tag. Create a pizza that’s perfect for your taste buds, and do it all for one affordable buffet price.

Create Your Pizza

Ever wish you could have a pizza made just for you? Cici hears you loud and clear! The BuffetBuffet includes the option to Create Your Pizza, so your dream pie is just a request away. Please walk up to the BuffetBuffet, tell the chef your favorite crust, sauce, and toppings, and watch them craft your masterpiece. It’s all included in your BuffetBuffet, so let your pizza imagination run wild!

Unlimited Toppings Selection

Say goodbye to tough topping choices. With Cici’s Unlimited Toppings Selection, you can stack your Pizza with all the toppings you love. Here’s a peek at the variety waiting for you:

  • Fresh veggies: Tomatoes, Onions, Mushrooms
  • Proteins: Pepperoni, Ham, Beef, Sausage
  • Cheeses: Mozzarella, Cheddar
  • Specialty toppings: Pineapple, Jalapeños, Olives

Whether you want a classic pepperoni or a wild mix of pineapple and jalapeño, your pizza possibilities are endless. And don’t forget, it’s all part of the BuffetBuffet. So go ahead, top that Pizza until your heart’s content. Your perfect Pizza awaits, and so does an unforgettable buffet experience at Cici’s – all at a price that can’t be beaten.

Additional Offers Beyond The Buffet

Hungry for more than just Pizza? At CiCi’s Pizza, the feast goes way beyond the buffet line. Lovers of great food and fantastic deals, get ready. CiCi’s serves up more than endless Pizza, pasta, and salad. Here’s a sneak peek into the delicious extras and carryout specials that can sweeten your deal.

Beverage And Dessert Extras

Quench your thirst and end on a sweet note after the all-you-can-eat extravaganza. CiCi’s brings you a variety of soft drinks to wash down the goodness. For those with a sweet tooth, the BuffetBuffet also features tasty dessert options. Check out this tasty lineup:

  • Brownies
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Ice cream (at select locations)

Carryout Deals

Perfect for family nights or when you’re on the go. Score amazing carryout deals at CiCi’s Pizza. Taste home with these unbeatable offers:

DealPizza SizePrice
Single PizzaLarge$5.99
Combo PackMedium$9.99

Remember to grab extra dips and sauces to make every bite even better! Whether you dine in or take out, CiCi’s promises a meal that’s both delicious and wallet-friendly.

How Much is the Buffet at Cici's Pizza: Feast on a Budget!


Budget-friendly Tips For The Buffet

Navigating the BuffetBuffet at Cici’s Pizza doesn’t have to break the bank. A few strategic tips can help you enjoy that sumptuous spread of pizzas, pasta, salads, and desserts without stretching your wallet. So before you head out for your next pizza adventure, pull up a chair and lean in on some down-to-earth advice to dial up the savings and turn down the spending.

Best Times To Visit

Stretch your dollars even further by timing your visit strategically. Late afternoons and weekdays typically offer the best deals. During these off-peak hours, Cici’s can serve up not only quieter dining experiences but also amazing specials that pair perfectly with your savings plan.

  • Weekday discounts: On certain weekdays, prices may dip.
  • After lunch: Buffets post-lunch hour often come cheaper.

Joining The Cici’s Reward Program

Join the Cici’s Pizza Rewards Program for a direct line to savings. With this program, you’ll rack up points each time you feast, translating to free meals or discounts on future visits. Sign-up is simple and brings immediate benefits, including:

  1. Immediate access to member-only deals and discounts.
  2. Points for every purchase, paving the way to free food.
  3. Special birthday treats to celebrate your big day.

Testimonials And Patron Experiences

Welcome to the ‘Testimonials and Patron Experiences’ section, where you’ll find real stories from people who’ve dined at CiCi’s Pizza. We delve into the experiences of families and solo diners. Let’s hear what they say about the flavors, variety, and value of the CiCi’s Pizza buffet.

Family Dining Reviews

Many families consider CiCi’s Pizza the go-to place for a fun and affordable meal. Reviews often highlight the incredible value of a family night out. Parents appreciate the vast pizza selection, from classic pepperoni to adventurous new flavors. Kid-friendly options like macaroni and cheese pizza get two thumbs up from the little ones. Here’s how families rate their experiences:

Solo Diners’ Satisfaction

Solo diners find CiCi’s Pizza equally appealing. The casual atmosphere and friendly staff make dining alone comfortable and enjoyable. The variety and constantly warm slices mean there’s always something new to try without waiting. Here are some solo diner testimonials:

  1. The BuffetBuffet is affordable on a budget. I can sample many kinds without ordering a whole pizza.
  2. I love how there’s no pressure to rush. It’s a great spot to relax with a plate of Pizza and a good book.
  3. The Buffet’sBuffet’s freshness guarantee means I always get a hot slice. It’s an incredible value!

The Future Of Cici’s Buffet Pricing

Cici’s Pizza is renowned for its sumptuous BuffetBuffet at unbeatable prices.

The brand constantly adapts to the ever-changing market demands.

Let’s delve into the future of Cici’s buffet pricing and what it means for pizza fans.

Industry Trends

The restaurant industry is fast-paced and competitive.

Many factors influence buffet pricing.

These include ingredient costs, labor, and customer preferences.

Economic trends shape the cost of dining out.

Technology innovations streamline operations.

These can help keep prices down.

Cici’s Commitment To Affordability

Cici’s Pizza pledges to maintain low prices.

It values customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Despite market changes, Cici’s strives to offer value for money.

  • Special coupons and deals are part of the strategy.
  • Efforts to reduce waste cut down costs.
  • Bulk purchasing of ingredients keeps prices stable.

Cici’s Pizza buffet is a budget-friendly option.

Families and friends enjoy a variety of pizza flavours.

Fresh salads and desserts add to the experience.

The buffet pricing is expected to remain customer-centric.

Frequently Asked Questions For How Much Is The Buffet At Cici’s Pizza

What’s The Current Price For Cici’s Pizza Buffet?

The buffet price at Cici’s Pizza varies by location but typically ranges from $5 to $7 for adults. Prices may change, so check with your local Cici’s for the most current pricing.

Does Cici’s Buffet Include A Drink?

Cici’s buffet price usually doesn’t include the cost of a beverage. Drinks are often available for an additional charge. It’s best to confirm with the specific location to get accurate details.

Are There Any Discounts Available For Cici’s Buffet?

Cici’s often offers discounts and coupons for their BuffetBuffet. These can include reduced prices for children and seniors or military discounts. Signing up for their email club or checking their website may provide access to deals.

Can Kids Eat Free At Cici’s Pizza Buffet?

At many of Cici’s locations, children under a certain age eat free with a paying adult. The age limit and terms can vary, so it’s wise to inquire directly with your nearest Cici’s for their specific policy.


Exploring the value of Cici’s Pizza Buffet reveals a feast that’s both affordable and extensive. Next time your appetite demands variety without breaking the bank, consider the generous spread at Cici’s. With options for every pizza lover, this BuffetBuffet stands out as a wallet-friendly, flavor-filled adventure.

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