Make your own delicious and flavorful Costco Pizza Sauce at home with this easy recipe. Combine Kirkland tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes, garlic flakes, and savory and dried basil for a sauce that will enhance the taste of your pizza.

Say goodbye to store-bought sauces and elevate your homemade pizzas with this homemade Costco-inspired creation.

The Secret To Costco Pizza’s Deliciousness Revealed

The secret to Costco Pizza’s deliciousness lies in its magical pizza robot. This machine ensures the sauce is evenly distributed on the pizza dough, resulting in a perfect combination of flavors in every bite. Unlike homemade pizzas, where sauce distribution can be inconsistent, Costco’s pizza robot shames all other at-home pizza experiments. It’s no wonder that their pizza is practically perfect every time.

So, what makes the sauce so delicious? While the exact recipe is a well-guarded secret, the ingredients in Costco’s pizza sauce include enriched flour, tomatoes, low moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni made with pork, chicken, and beef. Combined, these ingredients create a mouthwatering sauce that enhances the flavors of the pizza.

Redditors have a hack for you if you want to amp up the flavor of Costco’s plain cheese pizza. Top it with onions, which are back on the Costco food court menu. This simple addition can take your pizza experience to a whole new level.

Costco Pizza Sauce Recipe: Elevate Your Pizza Game with This Homemade Delight


What Makes Costco Pizza Sauce So Tasty?

Costco pizza sauce is known for its delicious taste, adding flavor to their pizzas. The secret to its flavorful magic lies in the critical components used in the sauce. The ingredients in Costco pizza sauce include enriched flour, tomato paste, low moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni made with pork, chicken, and beef. These ingredients work together to create a mouthwatering taste that customers love.

When it comes to enhancing the flavor of Costco pizza, a few hacks can make it even better. Redditors suggest topping the plain cheese pizza with onions, which can now be found on Costco’s food court menu. Onions add a delicious kick to the pizza, enhancing the overall taste.

So, the next time you enjoy a slice of Costco pizza, remember the key ingredients that make the sauce so tasty. And if you want to take your pizza to the next level, remember to add some onions for an extra burst of flavor.

Elevate Your Homemade Pizza With This Costco Pizza Sauce Recipe

Elevate Your Homemade Pizza with this Costco Pizza Sauce Recipe. Recreating the Costco Pizza Sauce at Home is easier than you think. Follow these Step-by-Step Instructions for the Perfect Sauce:

1. Enriched Flour: The Base of the Sauce

2. Tomatoes: The Secret to the Tangy Flavor

3. Low Moisture Part Skim Mozzarella Cheese: Getting the Perfect Cheese Blend

4. Pepperoni: Adding a Kick of Savory Deliciousness

Essential Tips to Take Your Sauce to the Next Level:

1. Adding Onions: Redditors’ Top Hack for Elevating Costco Pizza

2. Other Tasty Toppings to Amp up Your Pizza


With this delicious and easy Costco Pizza Sauce Recipe, you can recreate the taste of Costco’s famous pizza right in your kitchen. Made with simple ingredients like Kirkland tomato sauce, garlic flakes, and dried basil, this sauce adds the perfect flavor to your homemade pizza.

Whether you’re a fan of their cheese pizza or love to experiment with toppings, this sauce recipe will elevate your pizza game. Refrain from settling for ordinary pizza when you can taste Costco at home. Try this recipe and enjoy the deliciousness!

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