Detroit-style pizza and deep-dish pizza differ in shape, with Detroit style being square/rectangular and Chicago style being round. The dough is also different, as the Detroit style typically contains cornmeal and requires a longer baking process.

Detroit-style pizza is known for its thick, airy crust, similar to focaccia, while Chicago-style pizza has a flaky, thin, deep crust like a traditional pie. Both pizzas are designed for bigger appetites and feature oodles of cheese and sauce on top, but their crusts and shapes set them apart.

Chicago-style pizza is often considered superior due to its unique and flavorful crust.

Understanding The Basics

Regarding pizza, two iconic styles stand out from the rest – Detroit Style Pizza and Chicago Deep Dish. While they may both be delicious, their unique characteristics set them apart. This article will dive into the basics of these two famous pizza styles and explore what makes them so unique.

Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit-style pizza is renowned for its square/rectangular shape, giving it a distinct appearance compared to traditional round pizzas. This unique shape allows for a different baking experience that results in a crispy and caramelized crust.

The dough used in Detroit Style Pizza is also quite different. It often includes cornmeal, which adds a delightful texture and slight sweetness to the crust. The cornmeal gives the pizza a unique flavor profile and differentiates it from other pizza styles.

One notable feature of Detroit Style Pizza is its lengthier baking process. The pizza bakes in a well-oiled pan for an extra crispy, beautiful golden-brown crust.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

On the other hand, Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is known for its round shape and similarity to a traditional pie. The crust of a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is flaky, thin, and deep, creating a sturdy foundation for the generous toppings that fill the pie.

Unlike the airy crust of Detroit-style pizza, the crust of a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is reminiscent of a buttery pastry. This creates a delightful combination of flavors and textures, with every bite offering a satisfying crunch.

Detroit Style Pizza and Chicago Deep Dish Pizza have unique charm and appeal. While Detroit-style pizza boasts a square/rectangular shape, distinct dough composition with cornmeal, and a lengthier baking process, Chicago Deep Dish Pizza offers a round, flaky, thin, deep crust akin to a traditional pie.

Whether you prefer the crispy, caramelized crust of Detroit-style pizza or the flaky, buttery crust of Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, there’s no denying the deliciousness of these two iconic pizza styles. So, the next time you crave pizza, why not try both and decide which one reigns supreme in your book?

Crust Texture Comparison

Detroit Style Pizza: Fluffier Texture, Reminiscent Of Bread

Regarding crust texture, Detroit-style pizza offers a unique experience with its fluffy and airy composition that resembles the softness of bread. The dough used in Detroit-style pizza includes a degree of cornmeal, lending a distinct flavor and texture.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza: Flaky Texture, Similar To Classic Pizza Crusts

In contrast, Chicago deep dish pizza boasts a flaky, crisp crust akin to traditional pizza crusts. The deep-dish nature of this style ensures a substantial base that holds its shape and offers a satisfying crunch with each bite.

Comparing the two styles, Detroit-style pizza provides a lighter and softer texture, while Chicago deep-dish pizza leans towards a sturdier and more substantial crust.

Pizza StyleCrust Texture
Detroit Style PizzaFluffy and reminiscent of bread
Chicago Deep Dish PizzaFlaky and similar to classic pizza crusts

Overall, the difference in crust texture between Detroit-style pizza and Chicago deep-dish pizza sets them apart. Whether you prefer the airy and bread-like quality of Detroit style or the crispy and flaky nature of Chicago deep dish, both offer delicious crust options that elevate your pizza experience.

Cheese And Sauce Placement

Both Styles: Abundant Cheese

Regarding Detroit-style pizza and Deep Dish, one thing they have in common is their generous amount of cheese. Both styles are known for their gooey, melty, and oozing cheese toppings, creating a mouthwatering experience for pizza lovers. Detroit Style Pizza and Deep Dish fulfill your cheese cravings, offering stretchy mozzarella or a unique blend of cheese varieties. The abundant cheese adds flavor and contributes to the overall texture and richness of these pizza styles.

Sauce On Top

A distinct feature that sets Detroit Style Pizza and Deep Dish apart from other pizza styles is their sauce placement. The sauce is traditionally placed on top of the cheese and other toppings in both types. This unconventional sauce placement allows for a unique flavor profile and ensures that each bite is packed with tangy, tomatoey goodness.

Here’s a comparison table summarizing the key differences in cheese and sauce placement between Detroit Style Pizza and Deep Dish:

AspectDetroit Style PizzaDeep Dish
CheeseAbundant and meltedAbundant and melted
SaucePlaced on top of cheese and toppingsPlaced on top of cheese and toppings

As you can see, Detroit Style Pizza and Deep Dish share the same cheese and sauce placement approach. The sauce placement on top of the cheese creates a delightful blend of flavors that complement each other perfectly. Whether you prefer the square and crispy Detroit-style pizza or the round and deep-fried goodness of Deep Dish, one thing is for sure – the combination of abundant cheese and sauce on top will leave you craving for more.
Abundant cheese is ordinary in Detroit Style Pizza and Deep Dish.
The sauce is traditionally placed on top of the cheese in both styles.
Detroit Style Pizza Vs Deep Dish: Uncovering the Crust Comparison


Flavor Profiles

Detroit Style Pizza: Unique Flavor With Cornmeal Dough

Detroit-style pizza stands out with its distinctive flavor profile, attributed to the use of cornmeal in the dough. Detroit-style pizza dough, unlike traditional pizza dough, contains cornmeal, giving it a distinctive taste and texture distinct from conventional pizza.

Cornmeal adds a subtle sweetness to the crust, enhancing the overall flavor of the pizza. It also contributes to the crispy exterior while maintaining a soft and airy interior. This combination of textures creates a delightful contrast that keeps you returning for more.

The cornmeal-infused dough undergoes extended baking, intensifying flavors and creating a deep golden crust during the process. This longer bake time results in a well-cooked, crispy crust, perfectly complementing the other layers of the pizza.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza: Flavorful And Light In Texture

On the other hand, Chicago deep-dish pizza boasts a flavor profile that is equally enticing but distinct from its Detroit counterpart. Chicago deep dish pizza crust mimics a traditional pie crust, being flaky and light in texture.

The dough used in Chicago deep dish pizza is rolled thin and layered in a deep pan, creating a sturdy foundation for many toppings. Its buttery and flaky crust enhances the eating experience, providing a delectable counterpoint to the hearty fillings.

Despite its substantial appearance, Chicago deep-dish pizza is surprisingly light on the palate. The combination of the thin, flaky crust and the generous servings of cheese, sauce, and toppings creates a harmonious blend of flavors that is rich and satisfying without being overwhelming.

In conclusion, Detroit-style pizza offers a unique flavor experience with its cornmeal-infused dough, creating a crispy yet soft and airy crust. On the other hand, Chicago deep dish pizza impresses with its flavorful and light-textured crust, allowing the toppings to shine. Whether you prefer the sweetness and crunch of Detroit style or the buttery flakiness of Chicago deep dish, both offer a delicious and memorable pizza experience.


Detroit-style pizza is distinct from Chicago deep dish in its shape, dough, and baking process. While Chicago’s deep dish has a flaky, thin, and deep crust similar to a traditional pie, Detroit-style pizza has a thick, airy crust that resembles focaccia.

Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference, but both are designed to satisfy big appetites. Try them both and decide for yourself which style you prefer.

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